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What it is: Basic grounding system is made in all construction foundations including Apartments, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Hotels and Private residences. After the foundation bars of the construction are finished, ends are left on the iron bars in order to continue the exit points suitable for the project. Galvanized should reach the ground from many points at one end, usually at the corners as well as at the ends. Earthing must remain in concrete. Earthing is very important as it provides the potential balance. The points left for the continuation of the grounding process must be the outer columns of the building. If you ask why, the grounding system is made to transmit high currents that will arise from lightning strikes to the ground. For this reason, it is not done at the points corresponding to the building. In other words, basic grounding is not done in an open area, it must be in a closed area. Making the grounding system made with galvanized or copper strip on the iron bars of the foundation in accordance with your project, you need to leave ends for contact with the ground through the outer column or walls, In some projects, an insert is also left into the concrete. It must be at least 5 cm under the concrete. The materials you will use on the foundation bars must be fastening devices. additional apparatus of your galvanized strip; Four way joining apparatus, Wall attachments must be absolutely necessary. Don't be afraid to use original material.

Normally 4, but project suitability is important, Before the landscaping process ends, the ends you leave for soil contact, your galvanized or copper piles (the length is the fit the project wants). piles suitable for the project should be driven. It is best to use the Cadwell source (thermo welding in master language) as the source. The welded part and the turned galvanized strip must be at least 15 cm below the ground. In order not to be affected by freezing in winter. In some enterprises, manholes are added to piles or additional points and equipotential bars are installed. The spacing of the earthing piles should generally be twice the length of the piles. The right thing is that it is shaped like a goose foot.

Ground; Generally consists of galvanized and copper strips. Note that these materials must be corrosion resistant materials.

Note: The grounding system is made on normal iron foundations, galvanized on the upper part, In matted foundations, grounding is done at least every 2 meters, one row below and one row at the top.

After all operations are completed, the equipotential bar is formed when the ends are collected in a bar and dispersed. This is the appropriate one. General distribution is also made from this bar.

For ground measurement resistance: The resistance is measured from the grounding bus with the grounding meger. The measurement should be at most 4 ohms. Of course engineer should read the regulation, please check it. If a resistance of over 4 ohms is measured, you can lower the resistance by driving an extra rod into ground.

We write the appropriate, right, what needs to be done. We do not write alternative or inappropriate ways.

Please do the right thing.

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