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Electrican Araçlar

Voltsa Electric

Real Solutions, Just Ask.

  1. Electrical troubleshooting, maintenance and repair

  2. Garden and General lighting services

  3. Desant, cable, cable tray, project implementation

  4. Weak current systems, camera monitoring systems, CCTV systems, sound and emergency announcement systems

  5. Smart home systems, Chandelier, Switch, Socket installation and maintenance and repair systems.

  6. All types electrical home appliance maintenance and repair

  7. DDC and MMC board connections, main distribution and all kinds of sub-panel connections

  8. Installation, troubleshooting, modification, installation, signaling infrastructure and systems, general grounding operations,

  9. Pool lighting and ambient lighting systems

  10. The electrical systems of newly built offices, homes and workplaces are installed and delivered.

  11. We stand by you with electricity every time you renovate

  12. We provide you savings with solar energy systems

  13. Let your life always be bright with generator breakdown maintenance

  14. We are at your service for breakdown, maintenance and repair on your workplace signs or all kinds of illuminated signs and billboards.

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